outdoor furniture cushions on sofa setsMost of the outdoor furniture cushions and umbrellas material is weather resistant and very tough and easy to maintain, we do not need to clean or protect it every single day because their material is really doesn’t need that much of attentions. But a little knowledge will do your outdoor furniture cushions and umbrella to last much longer and greater.

Simple thing’s to do is cover them when its not use for a long period of time. umbrella cover and outdoor cushion cover is available on the market. This cover will provide an advance protection against weather, either hot sun or freezing cold snow. It will be a nice thing if you do store your outdoor furniture cushions during the winter.

when we need to wash them, than we should use a low gentle cycle of washing machine or a soft bristle and mild soap when washing by hands. Dry them outdoors and remember to stretch them so its not shrink from original shape. You may added bleach for white color but never for outdoor furniture cushions that had a color on it. An acrylics cushions or umbrella is most easiest material to clean and maintain, Simply wipe them with mild damped soft clothes and we are done. We can also spray water jet car wash on the acrylics materials an the dirt will peel away very easily. While outdoor furniture cushions or outdoor umbrella is originally very easy to maintain, it always good to know some tips and things to do a better caring for much longer usage of them. you can get all the cushions an outdoor umbrella product from us veronicas qualiteak, the indonesian outdoor furniture factory