Outdoor Deck Chair

One Product You Need To Have a Good Relaxing Time On Your Garden With Style
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Outdoor Deck Chair

We all love to have a relaxing time outdoors, enjoying the weather with your favorite books with your loved ones. It’s fun to have all those times while laying on the grass, but so do are the outdoor deck chair. But before you buy a deck chairs, there’s nooks and cranny that you need to know to get the most out of your purchase.

Heres 3 thing you must pay attention before buy outdoor deck chairs:

  1. Material
  2. Size
  3. Designs

1. Best Material For Outdoor Deck Chair

Actually, there are no BEST things in the world, it will all depend on what you need and your point of view. The same goes with the chair for your home garden, it was a perfect piece of furniture if it suits best to your need. But in order to make a decision, we must have an option right? while in this case, we will talk about a choice of material to built garden deck chairs.

There are 3 main materials to build an outdoor deck chair in Indonesia, wood, metal, and synthetics. Each with its own benefits and downsides. So let’s talk about them briefly to get a clear idea of what you need.


There many wood species that used to make outdoor furniture such as, cedar, oak, acacia, mahogany, and teak. However, we only use teak wood as our main production material for outdoor furniture. So we will be talking about teak here since we have the most experience with this species.

Why use wood?

  1. The main reason to use wood is the look. We all love the look of the wood, it’s natural grain have become a standard measure of something beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. We can find it attached to luxurious items from the Bentley dashboard to an iPhone case. It has a timeless look that most human love.
  2. The second reason is its eco-friendliness, most people will disagree with this since cutting down the forest for human consumption is NOT an eco-friendly activity. It’s NOT a completely false opinion but most people don’t understand the word “Plantation”, We are not cut down all forest in the world and leave it to become a barren land or desert, we replanting our forest. Otherwise, the world will die of suffocations due to a lack of oxygen.
  3. Wood is easier and cheaper to manufacture. Compared to plastic or steel, the overall production cost of wood furniture is less expensive. Wood is also easier to form and doesn’t require heavy molding machine to do that.

Why you don’t want to use wood?

  1. Good quality outdoor furniture made of wood can be costly, especially if you buy high-value material like teak.
  2. Outdoor wood furniture needs regular maintenance. Even if people said that teak is a wood that never rots, it still needs maintenance. We talk about how to care for your outdoor deck chair down here.
  3. It’s wood, they can catch on fire.

Outdoor deck chair made of wood definitely can add more value to your garden, but it’s not for everybody. If you don’t like something natural and towards something more modern and easier to maintain, then a metal deck chair might be for you.


Metal has been a furniture-making material for centuries. It’s rugged and malleability becomes its main reason why people like to use metal for furniture.  There are 3 types of iron that used to make an outdoor deck chair, one is iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Let’s talk about each of them for you to be sure which one suits you best.

1. Iron

There are 2 types of iron used in the industry, one is wrought iron and the second is cast iron. Wrought iron is made from round or square bars which then bend or twist to its final shape. While cast iron is made by melting the iron and then pour it into a mold, which in this case a deck chairs component.

Iron has incredible strength and can quite easily form into furniture, however, they can rust. The wrought iron rust more easily compared to cast iron, but they will rust eventually. To protect them from rust, we apply heat treated paint which will melt and fill in even to the small crevices.

To make an outdoor deck chair, wrought iron is more commonly used. While the cast iron is more commonly used to make an outdoor bench and table.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum also comes in 2 types of form, the first one is extruded forms such as pipes or square hollow, and the second is cast aluminum. Both have the same properties that aluminum is well known, they are rust-resistant. However, cast aluminum tends to crack or breaks if it’s not properly manufactured, so you have to be careful with this issue.

Aluminum is quite strong and durable to use outdoors. They also lightweight so you can move your deck chair more easily compared to wood deck chairs. The downside of the aluminum deck chair is the looks. The majority of aluminum deck chair you find on the market was mass produce, the look is…sad to say…cheap. Of course, there’s always an exception to this.

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a perfect option for you who wants to have a solid deck chair with rust-resistant properties. Its a “stainless”, so you can leave it outside exposed to the element and it will be fine.

One thing to be aware of if you want to buy stainless steel deck chair is the weight, they tend to be heavy, sometimes even heavier than wooden deck chairs. But it can take the beating of the sun and rain so you don’t have to move them more frequently. Just leave it there…

Benefits of Metal Deck Chairs?

  1. The main reason is the strength
  2. Wide price range
  3. Modern look


  1. Cushions are a must
  2. Beware of rust on the iron
  3. Heavyweight
  4. Can be freezing cold

In our opinion, a metal outdoor deck chair can suit you best if you like something modern and have a clean line design. You can find a wide range of prices to buy.

FYI…a combination of a metal frame with wood slats component is awesome…


Synthetics furniture material is a rising star for the last couple of years, there are many man-made materials used to make furniture, but the most popular is plastic. You can find almost all synthetics, rattan, wood, stone, bamboo, leather, and anything else you can think of. But most of them are made out of some kind of plastic polymer.

For outdoor deck chairs, synthetics come in the shape of the full plastic product or component. We don’t have any experience in producing plastic injection product so we don’t want to discuss it here. But we do use synthetics materials such as rattan, fabrics, and other small furniture components.

Synthetics outdoor furniture is a winner when it comes to a price, they are cheap because it was mass produce with the same shape for a million piece. This is not the case if you buy an outdoor deck chair from Indonesia. We combine synthetics material with teak, aluminum, or stainless steel. In this way, you will get much more exclusivity compared to cheap plastic furniture.

The Goods

  1. The special plastic polymer can be very very durable, you know, it’s plastic, they don’t degrade very easily.
  2. A huge variety of designs.
  3. To be honest, they look good
  4. Price is more make accessible
  5. Faster to manufactured

The Bads

  1. For you fanatics, it is plastic…
  2. Hard to tell the difference between good and bad quality material, they look identical
  3. Feels plasticky, because it is

Synthetics is perfect for you who own public facilities like hotels, resorts, or restaurants who want strong and durable materials for your outdoor furniture. No offense…but for your personal home garden, you really need to consider using wood for your outdoor deck chairs.


2. Size And Layout

When you decide what material you want to use for your deck chairs, now you must think about the available space in your garden in order to buy the perfect piece of outdoor furniture. Size does matter when it comes to furniture. If you pick the wrong one than failure you will get.

Outdoor deck chairs must sit comfortably, support our back in a healthy and relaxing way, also support our lower part and arms perfectly. Our recommendation for deck chair is a minimum width of 50 cm with back support of around 95 – 120 degree angle. However, you are the user of the product, contact your provider to ask them about the construction details.

The layout of your garden is also important as a guide reference to buy deck chairs. Make sure that you have enough space before buying big size item, or the opposite case, don’t make your garden look “empty” by buying a small item for a large spacious garden. Choose wisely…

3. Outdoor Deck Chair Design

Design is a personal preference, it really depends on you only. No matter what people say about your choice if you like it then you will love it. But there’s the general rule on how to pick the best deck chair design for your garden, and that is looking at your overall garden design.

It is obvious, right? but many people forget this and just buy anything they want without considering mix and matched with the surrounding. The result is silliness, so please pick your outdoor deck chair design that matches your garden designs.

We have many outdoor furniture designs including deck chairs for you to buy. But if you want a completely new design, please contact us to discuss it. We will turn your idea into a product that is ready to use.

Deck Chair Cushions

Cushions are a must-have item if you want comfortable seating in your garden. Deck chair with frame comes with separate cushions and pillows for easy cleaning. However, there’s a folding deck chair with fabric seating wich attached permanently on the frame. it’s quite difficult to clean if it’s a big chair, this is also another thing to consider before buying.

Good quality outdoor fabrics don’t come cheap, they have UV protection and water-resistant properties that you can’t find on regular fabrics. This also applied to the foam, they must have those water-resistant and quick-drying properties to withstand the outdoor environment.

Tips: Most outdoor fabrics comes with a warranty, so ask this to your furniture manufacturer if you buy directly from them.

Outdoor Deck Chair Care

Maintain your outdoor deck chair to stay on their finest condition is not a hard thing to do. Metal and synthetics almost not require maintenance, only regular washing and wiping if necessary. But wood deck chairs do need maintenance, not so much but they do…Here’s how

  • If its possible, store them indoors if you’re not using it for a long time
  • For regular cleaning, soap and water is more than enough for the wood
  • For brass hardware, you might need special polisher to clean them properly
  • Coffee and wine spills are not a big deal, soap and water are enough.
  • For cushions, to prolong the life of them, store it indoors after use.
  • Teak will turn grey patina over time, to restore it to its original color, you will need to wash them and re-sanding them
  • You might want to consider applying teak oil or another similar wood coating to maintain its original colors.

How to Buy Garden Deck Chair From Indonesia?

Buying products overseas is quite a challenge, even for a store owner who has experience buying things from other countries. But this is the way it worked now, we can reach everyone on the planet with a small thin box call a mobile phone. So if you want to buy outdoor furniture from our factory, simply give us a call or emails and we will reply to you in no time.

It’s that easy really, but there’s a note for you before you buy from us, or from everybody in Indonesia or outside your country:

  • Consider buying in bulk, because the shipping cost is quite expensive. Our suggestion to our customer is to buy in a minimum of 20 ft container size. You can mix everything (law approved item) in the container.
  • Please remember that buy in large quantities will get you cheaper prices compared to small quantity order.
  • Ask for warranty
  • Consider using an independent quality control agency to monitor your purchase.
  • If it’s possible, come and visit your supplier, that way you can make sure that you buy form true factory, not from just random guy with a laptop and a website.


Outdoor deck chair from Indonesia is a perfect choice for you store owner who wants to add new collections to your list, or to the homeowner so want to have high-quality teak furniture for their personal use. Why teak? you might find cheaper plastic or steel furniture from China, but teak is our country specialty. its only grow in special soil and terrain which no technology or industry can replicate. We are proud to be Indonesian who have that soil and terrain.