Teak deck chair made by Indonesian teak furniture manufacturer

  • teak deck chair classic design
  • Teak deck chair new models

Teak Deck Chair design

We made both classic and new design for our deck chair. Most of our customer prefer to classic 4 position deckchair fitted with brass hardware instead a new design. The classic deck chair had 3 main part which is backrest, seater and footrest. We are developing some new products from the old design which is quiet interesting and challenging to introduce to our customers.

You can also made your own teak deck chair design with us. please contact us or use the contact form below

Deck chair price

Price for teak deck chair may vary, depends on wood grade quality and also finishing. Price are also determine by hardware. Brass hardware we use are polished and powder coated with special anti rust layers. this coating provide protections against rust even in the most extreme outdoor condition such as on the beach shore. Our special coating is moderately chemical proof to add more strength on preventing rust and damage from acid rain and heavy salt air.