A Beauty From The Bygone Era in Your Garden
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We made our teak reclaimed outdoor furniture mainly from old houses and other structural buildings. the wood is sold by their owner either in a component or still in full shape. The reclaimed teak plank that cut into a specific size to furniture component. which a bit tricky since lots of nails and bolt still buried in the woods and can damage the saw.

Reclaimed teak wood is very dry, benefit is┬ávery stable for furniture constructions. they don’t bend or cracks anymore. however, they have the marks from the previous construction like nails, or holes, and other structural stuff. some of our customers take this as an “accent” and other don’t want these marks to be visible. we can do both…

Teak reclaimed outdoor furniture price

We have quite a few designs and prices to choose, however it is our standard model. if you want to build your own furniture design using teak reclaimed wood than please give us a call, or send us emails.

You can build almost any design with us. we can take CAD drawing and also make our own sketch based on your idea. please contact us or use this form below.