Indonesia is an archipelago full of history and ancient stories. Lots of old monuments or building structure is left abandon unused. While most of indonesian ancient building structure is made from teak wood it leave a raw materials too make a furniture. Reclaimed teak furniture use an old houses or other building structure as the main materials without cutting down new trees from the rain forest so we can call it also as an eco friendly products.

We collect the material from remote village that still has many teak wood houses and than we take them to our production facility in jepara. We often had to “hunt” those reclaimed teak to most remote village from other island like sumatra or kalimantan. Most of them were still in good conditions because it has been a natural teak wood to last long and durable against time and severe weather conditions. yes we will eventually run out of resources of raw materials, But leave a teak wood with such a great conditions and let it rot eaten by the nature is somehow feels like a sin when its compare to cutting down the mighty trees.

reclaimed teak wood is pretty hard to work with, Not because its nature of teak wood itself but because they usually contains such an obstacles like nails or other material that planted inside the wood. Much of the time our saw or machine blades is damaged by them. That’s why we need to spend some time to work with those obstacles to work with this wood here in indonesian furniture factory

Reclaimed teak wood is very ideal to make an outdoor furniture, The moisture content of the teak wood is almost zero so it is very durable and strong to make a furniture that will stand against the weather. although the moisture content is almost none, miraculously the teak natural oil content is still protect themselves from further damage. This is the main reason why teak is very ideal to make an outdoor furniture products. When you looking for an outdoor furniture that will last forever and still an eco friendly products than this products is a perfect choice for you.

reclaimed teak wood

reclaimed teak wood furniture - dining table