Teak Outdoor Reclining ChairsTeak Outdoor Reclining Chairs is also our regular product that we do every season. we call this products as 5 pos chair because they have adjustable backrest and usually have 5 steps of recliner. although not all of them have 5 position adjustment, but we like to call it that way.

Wooden Materials

Like any other teak outdoor furniture products that we are working here, our teak outdoor reclining chairs are also use government legal teak wood as their main construction materials. all of the wood planks are kiln dried and carefully selected to avoid defects and structural imperfections. that way we can achieve much more durability and performance during use of the products.

Metal Hardware

Teak outdoor reclining chairs has a mechanism made from steel, we usually use stainless steel and brass for making this reclining hardware. we treat brass with special coating since their resistance to oxidation are less compare to stainless steel. in this case, we can still have a classic feel from brass look but durability over weather like stainless steel.

Final Finishes

We treat most of our teak outdoor reclining chairs unfinished, means we only fine sanded them with 220 grit sandpaper and then rub them with wool polish materials. resulting fine smooth surface with natural wooden colors. this finishes will eventually turn to grey patina color when we leave them untreated outdoors, this will create more characters to the overall products itself. but you can also ask for other finishing methods such teak oils, water base stains and any other furniture finishing materials. Simply give us a call if you like your furniture to be different finishes.

Built Your Teak Outdoor Reclining Chairs Design With Us

We provide new custom design fro our existed furniture. you can make your own teak outdoor reclining chairs with custom design to meet your market demands and give freshers options to your customers. we have several young furniture designer that will make your data specifications into technical drawing. we use both CAD drawing and hand sketch to make furniture design.

Teak outdoor Reclining Chairs

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