Teak Root Furniture is Eco Friendly Products

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indonesian furniture factory¬†demands continuous wood supply, which in some cases keep the economy running, and provide an economical resources for those who works in the industry. In the other side it leave a bad marks on the ecology, which in this case the rain forest. Excessive tree harvesting has been a major cause of environmental damage in the last decades, while the government keep looking and announcing new regulation and rule to prevent further damage ( which in some cases looks useless ), we as a furniture manufacturer, who don’t want to loose our main resources of wood, continue to develop a new way to reduce the ecological damage.

Unlike the government that keep on fighting with the new and better regulations, We as an indonesian furniture factory, are more interesting to do a creative and honest way to keep our forest available forever. Use the wood as less as possible and as effective as it can be, less and effective wood usage means less tree harvesting, combine it with a proper trees renewal, or a new plantation, than we will have our forest forever. Less and effective…so many things that we can do to achieve it, and using root as¬† a material is one of them.

Teak root furniture is one of the way to saving our trees deposit. We get the root material by digging the leftovers of a tree harvesting, which if its not dug it will stay there forever until it decompose naturally. So many product that we can make with the roots, From small wooden bowl to a huge dining table or room divider. None of the products will look the same because we do not “re shape” the root, which in this case will give its more exclusiveness of an individual items. We don’t cut a new tree just to make a new teak root furniture, we simply use waste, that’s why we like to call it an eco friendly products.

teak root furniture

teak root furniture indonesia

teak root furniture indonesia

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