how to apply teak oil to outdoor furnitureHow To Apply Teak Oil To Outdoor Furniture

As we all know the beauty of teak wood grains, they will eventually turn color to grey patina when leave outdoor untreated. although those patina color have its own beauty, some people just don’t want to have those color on their outdoor furniture. that’s why they add an additional treatment like applying teak oils. they are quiet easy to apply and relatively save for environment. teak oils are also cheap compare to other furniture finishing materials. here is step by step how to apply teak oil to outdoor furniture that we do in our factory :

Step one is sanding

We usually smooth sanding all product before applying final finish, for teak oil we need to use 220 grit sandpaper, than buff it with 600 grit sandpaper to get smooth final surface. make sure all corners and gaps are properly sanded to get an even color result.

Step two is cleaning

Make sure all sanding dust are remove from your products, this is critical because dust and oils can make rough surface and peeling very easily. use air compressors and dry paint brush to clean all surface and corners.

Step three apply teak oil

We usually use paint brush wrapped with smooth clean clothes to apply teak oils, apply teak oils to your furniture and then wipe it with soft clothes. in this way we will have a thin and uniform layer of teak oil. let them dry in room temperature or under direct sunlight than repeat the process. 3 layers are what we find best to maximize color without really dark coating. every time we add layers the darker color we will get.

Step four final smoothing

After final layer are dry, we polish it using 2000 grit sandpaper and wool polish machine. this step will give silky smooth surface and more dents finish.


Teak oil basically will last a years in outdoor conditions. however they still need a maintenance which in this case,  a very easy task. all we have to do is clean the furniture and apply new teak oil over the old one. let them dry and we are don. we can also repeating step by step how to apply teak oil to outdoor furniture above to get maximum result.

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